What You Should Do In Mornington Peninsula

I was recently in Australia. I’ve been to the country before, many times in fact, but always to the same place. I’ve been visiting family in Perth pretty much all my life, which made it strange that I had never visited anywhere else in the country. But that soon changed. We decided to go south, to Victoria. I was excited because I’d heard so much about the state. I knew it was famous for its beaches but honestly, I didn’t know much else. We stayed for a few days in Melbourne, and it was fantastic. Absolutely one of the greatest places I’ve ever visited. Fortunately for me, it wasn’t just Melbourne that we visited. We were in Mornington Peninsula for 3 days. It was quite an experience and I adored the town’s atmosphere. Having had such an amazing time there, I decided to write this article.

Best Beaches Ever!

My first day there, we decided to head to one of its beaches as they’re renowned for being some of the best in Australia. Somers beach was our muse. We arrived in the morning, right after checking into a hotel. Walking in, we could feel how soft the sand was compared to any other beach we had been it. The water was perfectly warm and was inviting. We basked in it, spending probably the whole day there. But that wasn’t just it, what made Somers beach so spectacular was the fact that we saw dolphins! Yep, that’s right. I was shocked when I saw one swimming so close to the beach, I felt like it wanted to say hello. It had its pup with it and they were beautiful.

Nowhere else have I ever been so close to dolphins, or even witnessed them. Heck, I can now say I was swimming with them!

It’s Time For Some Wine

Mornington Peninsula is great if you want to relax and eat good food. It has some world-class wineries that tourists and locals exploit. We spent our day on the acres of St Andrews winery, relaxing by the vineyards drinking fancy wines and eating amazing food. It felt like we were in the lavish valleys of Naples, but nope, just Australia.

There’s an array of fine wineries to choose from. Make sure to search the internet for the ones with the best reviews.

The Town Felt So Zen

I don’t know what exactly it is about Mornington, but I felt so at peace. The whole peninsula gave off an atmosphere of absolute relaxation. I could never imagine the locals getting stressed here.

We went on walks, and it felt like we were in a secluded little town. I could not believe we were so close to Melbourne. I took use of this laziness and ventured into Eclipse Day Spa Rye for some great R and R to top it all off.

I hope you enjoyed my experience of Mornington, and maybe you might find inspiration in my adventures and have your own.   


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