How to Stop Acid Erosion

How important is your tooth enamel? It’s a hard substance that acts as a protective layer to your teeth. All those hot foods, cold beverages and the temperature extremes between them can actually damage your teeth without this important substance. People are more prone to cavities and tooth erosion when their enamel is vulnerable so your first step would be to learn how you can protect this shell.

Less Acidic Drinks

How often do you eat acidic food in a day? Firstly, this would include fizzy drinks but it can also include seemingly harmless citrus fruits and juices as well! Even these healthy foods and beverages that are great for your body can have a nasty impact on your teeth if you don’t eat them at the right time. Ideally, you should eat these during meals so that the contact with your teeth is reduced and the acidic properties are also neutralized since mixed with other foods.

More Water

Water is your greatest natural resource so why not use it? For all those people who don’t drink enough water at home, this one’s for you! Once you’re done with your meals of eating acidic foods in general, wash away the acidic properties with a good ol’ glass of water.


Most of us, as much as we would like to, aren’t strong enough to give up that occasional fizzy or acidic drink. Sometimes it could even be processed fruit juices doing its damage and working its way into your tooth’s nerves. So to reduce as much contact as possible, you can use straws! A simple, handy solution to your worries. Remember, don’t swish the beverage around in your mouth because this will defeat the purpose of using a straw in the first place.

Sugar Consumption

If your oral health is jeopardized and you’re actively trying to restore it to normal, a good habit for you to pick up is reading the nutrition labels of products while grocery shopping. This will help keep your sugar consumption as low as possible. The healthiest options for beverages are tea, coconut water and of course old fashioned water itself.

Fluoride Toothpaste

Head on over to Peninsula dental care so you can consult a professional on exactly what products are best for you to maximize your oral health and reduce sensitivity. Also remember that using a softer brush, and avoiding brushing too hard will also help prevent damage to your enamel.


Gum makes you produce more saliva- and saliva brings about much needed minerals so this is definitely a great thing! But the downfall is that gum with sugar has acidic properties that attack your teeth. So your safest bet would be to invest in sugar-free gum instead.

Waiting after Meals

All the acidic beverages and foods you consume during a meal soften your enamel, making it more vulnerable to damage. This is why people are recommended to wait at least an hour after having their meals to brush their teeth.

These are the best ways you can stop acid erosion. Try to turn them into daily habits that will ensure your oral health.

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